Vox distribution is choosing a new packet of movies made by one director, The One that we will represent in 2022. A professional jury of film producers, directors and commissioners are going to choose the director for the next year. The dead line to apply is October 30, 2021.

If you you are director that fit in our vision and connects with our mission http://voxdistribution.com/distribution/ you should send us an email http://voxdistribution.com/contact-us/ with your web site, BIO and your portfolio. Include in one sentence – Why do you think your creations are influencing the development of the world through the audience?

The official announcement of the director of 2022 will be on December 30, 2021.

What we offer?

PR and marketing through our channel for one year. Promotion at the international film festivals and connections with broadcasters to view and sell your films to as well as VOD distribution of your films.

We will make not only your films visible but also shine a light on you as a director who gave creations a life.

Are you the one?

Apply your work and be our the new role model.

Vox distribution opens gates!