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VoX distribution is connecting different independent film productions and distributors  from EU, US, Canada and Mexico. We are licensing films and distributing worldwide.  We are commissioners, writers & directors.  We are for a long time in film industry business. We know how to support creative people & deliver visionary films & television content through our channel. 

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We make features & documentaries. Our films got many recognitions & awards. They were screened at different international film festivals. We love what we do. Nothing is impossible for us. We are always in search for amazing stories and projects. 

We represent directors that did impact on the world. Each year we choose one director whose films we distribute world wide and make special promotion for. We work with different content providers and platforms as well as TV channels and film festivals around the world. Our mission is to give an authors of the films respect. Therefore we choose films with value. We are not just another film distribution who is dealing with creations as industry products. We value time and work of artists that we represent. We do care for authors and their rights therefore we make sure that they are also legally protected. Our mission is not only to feed the industry norms and distribute "just another film". We make sure there is a win win situation and satisfaction on all sides.
2021 film director of VoX distribution is Janja Glogovac. She is a special artists who is always concern into spreading truth and knowledge through her documentaries. She is providing us with a content full of understanding to those that are not understood by majority. She is showing different angle through her stories. She is also a woman film director and after so many years of a man world in film industry, we felt it is time for women to show the vision and tell the stories. Therefore we chose Janja Glogovac as multi-talented film director to represent and support & distribute her films in 2021.
Our vision is to connect visionary artists that are showing direction through their work. In the time of Corona when the audience is hungry for good content, we are providing a platform with value. A platform that can not only feed your time and emotions, but also your mind. We do think that art is the key for future development in the world. Through the history it has been proven that when all is stuck in the world, the talent of artists came to the picture in the first place. The shift always happened with direction given through art and then the new vision begins. We are dedicated to art and artists that can give more than just an emotional ride through visual art.. If you are such an artist contact us.

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