Janja Glogovac

Writter | Director | Producer

J.G. Film director & writer & producer MgA for feature film, documentaries, commercials & music videos.

Janja Glogovac is an awarded film director. Her films has been shown in most important film festivals around the world such as Rotterdam, Cannes, Valencia, Karlovy Vary, Raindance,.. She has been awarded also for her scripts as well as App and TRANSMEDIA projocts.. Her talents in creation are multiple and her vision for the platform Spaceofart that she created is still the most hunted concept of connecting art…

Opened a film production in Prague 2001 - Angels Production, 2005 Adeo film production in Slovenia, 2010 3 VOX production in Slovenia, 2015 Film Production in Belgrade

J.G. wrote almost all of the scripts alone for her films from Tito, Teslafy Me, F, Colors of Life,...For film F she got the prize of the Czech literary found. Co-wrote scripts: This is Balkan, L..like love, Forgotten dream,...

J.G. Created a platform for connecting art and artists. The platform was published and open it in 2010 with big events in Slovenia. The platform is connecting various of artist and companies and it is now in a process of upgrading..

Janja Glogovac advised some companies in technology development form the system of engines working on the electricity to the new system of softwares for the digital transmission of TV´s & new usage of batteries for house hold, etc.

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